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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The First Snow

Pico and Rinda were so excited. It was their Autumn holiday and Aunty Merja had taken them to Finland.

It was the day of The First Snow Fall in Oulu. Aunty Merja's Mum had  made some preparation for it.  She had taken all her winter clothes out from the storage boxes and asked her son to change the winter tyres.

When the snow covers the roads it can be very icy and slippery. Therefore cars need to have special winter tyres fitted during winter time. Pico and Rinda found summer tyres  from Aunty Merja's Mum's car neatly leaning against the wall. They were going to be stored in the shed.  

Pico and Rinda learned quickly that the special metal studs in winter tyres make a humming noise when the car is on the road. That sound made Pico and Rinda feel very sleepy when they were in the car.


Many birds leave Finland during the cold winter months but there are many that stay. 

Bull finches came every day to eat rowan berries near Aunty Merja's mum's house.  

Pico and Rinda found it really great to look at these beautiful birds. They were like colorful clowns on a trapeze doing somersaults and making quick jumps. That made Pico and Rinda laugh.

 Most of all Pico and Rinda liked to make a snowman with Aunty Merja. Because it was the first day of snow there wasn't a lot of it on the ground; - just enough to have some fun.

Together they rolled three snow balls and put them on top of each other.  To make the snowman's arms was a bit tricky but eventually they managed to make them.

Aunty Merja's Mum was very kind and gave not only mittens that Pico and Rinda put on themselves to keep warm, and everything that they needed to make a Grand Snow Man.

Pico and Rinda needed 
- one hat
- one carrot
- and five pieces of coal. And the Snow Man looked handsome.

Soon it looked even better, after putting a long colorful scarf around his neck.....
 - and a floor brush in his hand.

Pico and Rinda jumped into the snowman's arms and  toldhim everything about sunny Spain and how much they like to play with Tana and Leria.

Aunty Merja taught Pico and Rinda how to make a snow lantern.  They needed about twenty little snowballs and then place them carefully on the top of each others.In the middle they lit a small candle.

"It feels very warm!" - giggled Pico and Rinda.

 Pico and Rinda sat for along time on Mr Snow Man's shoulder looking at how the day turned to the dusk. 

The little candle inside the lantern spread its gentle light all through the night. And Pico and Rinda dreamt  about their first snow play.

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