Las adventuras de mis juguetes
Adventures of My Toys

Sunday, 9 September 2012

At YaYo's and Nana's House

  Pico and Rinda are very excited. They are going to visit a very special house and meet very special people. The house is number 129 and it's YaYo's and Nana's house.  The number plate is hidden behind a passion flower that is full of flowers and buds. 
 "They are like tiny fairy houses or cup cakes or stars or fireworks!" - said Pico.
  "Pico look! There's an empty bottle left beside the front door. Why is that?" - asked Rinda. 

"I don't know. I think it is something to do with milk. Tana told me but I can't remember." - answered Pico.

  Pico and Rinda knock on the door, but nobody comes to open it. They press the door bell, but nobody comes.   

Suddenly Pico and Rinda notice that the front door is a tiny bit open and give it a biiiig push. Now the door is wide open. The house looks very big and it's very quiet.

"They knew we were coming. NANAAA!  YaYoOOO!" - shout Pico and Rinda - but nobody comes to the door.  "Where are they?" - Pico and Rinda wonder.  "We need to find them!"

 "Lets see if YaYo and Nana are upstairs. Come on Rinda." - says Pico.  

"I'm not sure. Should we wait here?" - Rinda hesitates. "What about if this is not the right house?" - she continues a tiny bit scared.

"Don't be silly. Come on now!" - shouts Pico who is already almost at the top of the staircase.

Pico and Rinda don't find YaYo and Nana in the bathroom. 
But they find lots of  toys.

Pico and Rinda don't find YaYo and Nana in the children's bedroom. 
But they find lots of toys.

Can you find Pico and Rinda?

YaYo and Nana are not in the jug.

YaYo and Nana are not behind the curtain.

 At the top of the stairs lives  a wise old Bear who knows everything about everything.  Pico sits on her lap and says - "We can't find Nana and YaYo. We have been seeking them everywhere."

The wise old Bear smiles gently and says, -"Hmm. Do you really think you have been everywhere? I'll give you a little riddle to solve. Listen to it carefully and you will find YaYo and Nana. Forks and pots for flowers, flour for pots and forks. " 

Pico and Rinda  look at each other and repeat  slowly -"Forks and pots for flowers, flour for pots and forks." They say it a bit quicker starting to smile and jump in the air - "Forks and pots for flowers, flour for pots and forks."  Of course! Flowers in the garden and flour in the kitchen. Both YaYo and Nana are using pots and forks but one is in the kitchen and the other in the garden.

Pico and Rinda run downstairs and now it doesn't take long for them to find Nana in the kitchen.  She has been so busy in her kitchen that she hasn't heard them at the door.

Nana gives Pico and Rinda a kiss  saying - "You must be Pico and Rinda.  Tana and Leria have told me that you would be coming to see us. It's fantastic to see you!" 

She continues -"Look. I've made an apple cake for us. Go and tell YaYo that it is time for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. He is in ..." . "THE GARDEN!" - shout Rico and Rinda happily. "How did you know?" - asks Nana. But Pico and Rinda don't hear as they are already on their way. 

They find YaYo under a big lilac tree weeding and planting hyacinths. "Hola. Buenos Tardes. You must be Pico and Rinda." - says YaYo who can speak  a little Spanish. 

"Would you like to help me with these pots and forks?" - he asks.  It doesn't take long before all the hyacinth bulbs have found a new home in the ground under the lilac tree.

And it doesn't take long before there are only crumbs left on the  cake plate. It was the most delicious apple cake Pico and Rinda had ever tasted.  "Would you like to see all Tana's and Leria's toys?" - asks Nana.  Pico and Rinda look at each others and answer " Yes please!"

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