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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Letter from Knighton Park

Dear Tana and Leria,
Do you remember when I asked you about the places where I should take Pico and Rinda on their holiday in England? You both chorused in unison  TO  KNIGHTON PARK. Knighton Park is the park you have visited many times with YaYo and Nana when you have been on your holidays.

It is a lovely park. You can hear children giggling and laughing when they are climbing  on the equipment. You can hear mums  calling loudly to their children to remember to be careful, to hold on tight and not to fall down. You can hear dogs barking whilst their owners are whistling and  shouting their names. It's always busy at Knighton Park and everybody is having a good time.

I took Pico and Rinda to Knighton Park yesterday. Little Bear wanted to come as well.

Pico, Rinda and Little Bear played hide and seek on the climbing frame for a long time.

They slid down hundreds of times landing on top of each other and having great fun.

In a blink of a eye Pico scaled the rope and was waving to  us from up above.

They needed a little help to get the seesaw to rock up and down.
Can you guess why?

 Pico and Rinda were like spinning spiders on the climbing net and showed Little Bear how to hang upside down.  Little Bear didn't want to try that but he was very happy to sit at the top of the net with his friends.

 Pico, Rinda and Little Bear wanted to swing on all different kinds of swings in the park.

They went round and around on a roundabout for so long that afterwards they felt dizzy and for a while couldn't walk straight! I was a bit worried because they had such wobbly legs. Luckily they didn't feel sick.
 The little train in the park reminded Pico and Rinda of their journey to Madrid airport.  They told Little Bear that the pendolino shot through the tunnels faster than any car could travel on the road. 

Pico, Rinda and Little Bear sat on the engine and imagined that they were on the roof of a pendolino that was speeding through the countryside. Hold on tight they cried.
 Little Bear's favourite equipment was a crane.   He loved to ride up and down in the bucket. Little Bear is just the right size for crane rides. Pico and Rinda sat in the sand and looked on rather sadly. They would have liked to have a ride in the bucket as well!

Can you find Pico, Rinda and Little Bear?

 Pico, Rinda and Little Bear really really enjoyed their visit to Knighton Park. But they were SO tired. All the rides and slides and climbing  up and down wore them out.  They had no energy left to play at the adventure park on the other side of the path.

Therefore I promised to take them there  another day.

 On our way back to the car we stopped to watch people using the Outdoor Gym. Pico and Rinda told Little Bear that there is an Outdoor Gym in their village as well. 

Girls, I'm sure that next time you come to visit YaYo and Nana you will come to play in Knighton Park. I wonder if you have been playing outside today?

Next weekend Pico and Rinda are going on a trip to London. They are already excited because they will meet Patti The Blog Dog. I hope they will became good friends.

With love,
Auntie Merja, Pico, Rinda and Little Bear

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