Las adventuras de mis juguetes
Adventures of My Toys

Saturday, 15 September 2012

New Friends

Pico and Rinda have got  three new friends who live temporarily in Aunty Merja's car. They are Little Bear, Middle Bear and Big Bear.

Once upon a time (that is a long time a go) the bears used to live in the middle of Misty Forest in their little wooden house. Oh dear, all those adventures in the Misty Forest House!  

When Aunty Merja is driving her little red car Little Bear, Middle Bear and Big Bear like to tell Pico and Rinda all about Misty Forest:

Little Bear began, - "One day when we came home I found a small girl sleeping in my bed. She had broken my chair and eaten all my porridge. The girl was called Goldilocks and she did naughty things.  When Goldilocks woke up and  saw me she became scared and ran away, - just like that. "

Little Bear tells Pico and Rinda that he would have liked to play with her.  Middle Bear says sadly,  that she would have liked to cook special honey porridge for her. And Big Bears says, that  he would have been happy to make a little princess' chair for her. Sadly Goldilocks never knew any of this, because she fled.

Big Bear wants to tell an other story, -" One day in Misty Forest we had  terrible trouble with an Ogre who was hiding under the bridge. The horrible Ogre wanted to eat a bear for his lunch. But luckily I was wiser than him and frightened him away.  "

Middle Bear goes on,- "In the middle of last winter we had  a very scary and  sad day. That was when the Big Bad Wolf blew our Misty Forest House down. OOPS! He had made a terrible mistake. He didn't know that the house belonged to us A BEAR FAMILY and not the house of the Three Little Pigs." 

It takes a long time for builders to build a new house. This is why the bears are driving around England and living in Aunty Merja's red car. 

"Misty Forest seems to be a very dangerous place to live",  - say Pico and Rinda.  "Oh No!" - shouts Little Bear - "It's the most beautiful place in the world. We love to live there and can't wait to get back to live in our new house and have more adventure." 

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