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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Apples for Horses

 Tana and Leria were in a rush. They had packed their swimming bags and taken their prams  out from the garage for their babies. Tana and Leria  wanted their babies to have a little nap on the way to the swimming pool.

The Dog,  the Doll, a Little Bear and Booba  were very quiet under their blankets.

"Shhhh everybody! Our babies have just gone to sleep." - whispered Tana and Leria.

 "NO WE HAVEN'T!" -shouted  Dog, Doll, Little Bear and Booba laughing cheekily.  "Look what Eeyore has done. He had hidden all these apples in our prams.  We want to give them to the horses. Can we, pleassssse?" - they asked looking at Tana and Leria full of joy.

"OK then." - said Tana and Leria. "Horses are our friends. They will be very happy to see you."


Tana and Leria visit the horses almost everyday. Therefore the two horses recognise them from a distance even without seeing their faces, they know who they are just by hearing their voices and listening their footsteps. Can you see how the horses have lifted their ears and turned their heads to see Tana and Leria with their babies?
 After a little walk Tana, Leria, the Dog, the Doll, Little Bear and Booba were standing excitedly in front of the horses.

The Dog, the Doll, Little Bear and Booba  had their eyes wide open when they looked at the horses. "They are huuuge!" - they said.

Horses are like giants if you are a little dog, doll, bear or booba-baby. 

"Look. I will show you how to give an apple to the horses. You need to keep your hand flat and fingers straight and put an apple on your palm. Then lift your hand, stay still and they will take it nicely from you. " - explained Tana.

The brown horse is very kind. Before taking an apple from Tana he gave a kiss to the Doll.  The Doll understood that there was no need to be afraid of horses.

Booba was just giggling when he gave his apples to the horses.

"You two have really big noses." - he laughed.

"Booba you are SO brave!" - said Leria  then continued quietly "It took me a long time to be as brave as you are. Well done."
 Tana and Leria know that horses have  very soft faces. The horses can be very cheeky.
 Sometimes they show their tongues to Tana and Leria.
 It didn't take long for  all the apples to be eaten. Both horses  gave a gentle "Brrrrrrr" which  means "Thank You Very Much!" in horse talk.

Before leaving the horses both the Dog and Booba wanted to have their photos taken with their new friends.

At the pool Tana and Leria  went for a swim.  After a long swim they sat in the sun and were happily eating apples.
"Girls!" - said mummy. "Didn't you give all the apples to the horses?" 
Tana and Leria looked at the Mummy and answered "It was Booba who kept two apples for us. We have remembered to say thank you."

 Whilst the girls were at the swimming pool with their babies Eeyore was very busy at home. He was picking more apples and planning new places where to hide them.

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