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Friday, 24 August 2012

Lepi the Lephard and Medieval Magic

There are lots of festivals in Spain. Festivals are special celebrations when adults and children get together to have fun. Not long time ago there was a Medieval Festival at Cuellar.  You know, Cuellar is a village where the Fairy Princess lives in her big castle at the top of the hill. The Fairy princess has given an order to organize the Medieval Festival every year so that people wouldn't forget how her grandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandparents lived 500 years ago.  That is what Medieval Festival is about - it shows us how people and Fairies lived in past times.

"Hi Ellie my favourite Elephant! Would you like to come with me to see how the Royal Family of Faries lived a long time ago in Cuellar? " - asked Lepi.

"I would love to. Can Tana and  Leria come as well?" - said Ellie.

"Of course they can. Let's go!"

 What is that sound? It is a drum or  thunder? - Lepi, Ellie, Tana and Leria wondered when they were entering the Castle Grounds. No - it is the sound of horse hooves!

Tana and Leria got a bit worried when the Royal Knight of Fairies suddenly took Lepi and Ellie to sit on his saddle. 

" It is an honor to have you here as our guests." - said  the Royal Knight, " I hope you will enjoy your visit. Use your time wisely. Have fun and search for Medieval Magic. When you will find it, the whole world will be full of stars.  Use the moment, catch one and luck will be with you for the rest of your lives."

Lepi and Ellie jumped on Tana's and Leria's  arms and when they looked back they heard a soft  tinkling and the Royal Knight disappeared. 

"Where did he go? Look - he forgot his carriage!" - shouted Lepi and Ellie. They  climbed on the seat to see if they could see  where the Royal Knight had gone. "Oooooh, that was amazing! I hope we will find the Magic."

 Colourful bunting that had been hung across the paths and walkways swang slowly in the mild wind.

Ellie, Lepi, Tana and Leria saw people and horses dancing as they followed  the jester. They enjoyed the smell of food that was cooked on an open fire. All of them danced according the catchy tunes of  drums and pipes. 

"I wonder where the Magic can be found?" - wondered Ellie.     

"Look Lepi - shall we try to make our own clay cups?" - she continued. And so they did.

"Tana, do you think those children are fighting for the Magic?"  - asked Ellie.

"Oh no. I know that the Magic can not be found by fighting. We need to keep our eyes open and keep looking. You remember what the Royal Knight said; we need to keep searching and when the air is full of stars we have found it. I can not see any stars. So let's just carry on. I love this Festival. There is so much to see!" - said Tana.

Ellie and Lepi were very happy that they haven't lost the magic already.

"Uuups! Tanaaaa, Leriaaa do not leave us. We wanted to see if the stars are hiding in this cooking pot. Wait for us!"

 "Right. I feel a bit peckish now. Could  we have a rest and eat this sweet corn? " - said Lepi.

Everybody agreed and all of them ate not only one delicious roasted sweet corn cob but two!  Plus one big chocolate crepe, three slices of cheese, a handful of roasted nuts and 4 sweets.

They also drank clear bubbly water straight from the  Fairy Princess' water fountain.  It was the best water they had ever tasted.

Tana and Ellie had a camel ride around the Festival area but they found no stars. 
 Lepi and Leria had a donkey ride around the Festival area but they found no stars either.

Tana and Leria wanted to  go round and round in a carousel ride for a long time.  So long that Lepi and Ellie got a bit bored and were very happy when a green Unicorn offered to take them to have a flight around the Festival arena on his back.

Suddenly whilst in the air Lepi  and  Ellie  heard the same tinkling sound that they had heard when the Royal Knight disappeared. They knew immediately that something had happened.  

"Dear Unicorn. Could you go back to Tana and Leria as quickly as you can?" - they asked.  In a second they were back with the girls.

"Lepi look what I've got! " - said Leria her hands full of the tiniest, most beautiful little colorful  flowers they have ever seen. "Tana and I were having a carousel ride and suddenly the air was full of flowers. They were everywhere even in my pockets. This is Magic!" - Leria laughed happily.

 Lepi and Ellie knew that the flower magic must have happened when they heard the tinkling sound when they were on the back on the green Unicorn.

"Hmmmm. I wonder if we will find the stars on another ride in the air." - said Lepi. He felt a gentle push on his back. It was the green Unicorn who nodded towards the Dragon ride with a twinkle in his eye. 

It didn't take long for them to take their seats on the back on the Dagron. "Hold tight everybody" - shouted Lepi "Now we goooooo!!!!". 

Lepi, Ellie, Tana and Leria went up and down, backwards and  forwards on their wild ride on the Dragon's back and the whole world started to spin around them. The faster the Dragon flew in the air the louder they could hear the same tinkling sound they heard when the Royal Knight disappeared. At the same time they noticed that the air  filled with glimmering stars.   There were thousands of them.

"This is Medieval Magic" - giggled Lepi, Ellie, Tana and Leria  catching the stars from the air.

When they left the Medieval Festival all of them had a star in their pocket. Actually Tana and Leria had 9 in all - one for Mummy, one for Daddy, one  for Jajo, Nana, Guapa, Guapo and Pin.

On the way home they all slept to the soft sound of tinkling. They were the flowers singing in Leria's pocket.

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