Las adventuras de mis juguetes
Adventures of My Toys

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eeyore in My Garden

This morning Eeyore and I decided to explore our garden.
At first Eeyore wasn't feeling too brave so I told him I would look after him and hold his hand.
And off we went.
Sitting on a large stone was Witch. Eeyore was very shy and didn't know what to say.

"What about - How do you do? and - What's your name?" - said Witch who could read his thoughts.
"How do you do and what's your name ?" - said Eeyore.

"My name is Mrs Witch and I am OK! I sit here all day and see children having fun in the garden. It is a great place to be. Be brave Eeyore and  have fun." - said Witch.
"OK then I am going to find the trampoline. I must go now. Bye Bye!" - said Eeyore.

Eeyore was at first a little bit worried when he stood on the trampoline. He needed to concentrate on staying in one place. Then has he jumped higher and higher he began to laugh.

" I like to jump in the air. I want MORE! Higher. Higher. HIGHEEEER!"

Eeyore jumped SO high he landed on the net at side of the trampoline.

"Help. HEEELP!" - he cried,
"I feel dizzy now.".

"Oh thanks Tana! I enjoyed that. Shall we have a rest?" - said Eyore.

But little did he know. Tana was sitting on something called a swing!

And that together they would go up and down, and up and down as they swung in the air.
Slowly the swing stopped and Eeyore looked around. He saw the trees and decided that wanted to climb one.
First he climbed into a pear tree.

The tallest branch of the tree started to tickle his hair.  He slid out from the tree and moved to the next one.
"Mmmmm. What's this? It smells so good. Shall I have a bite?" - whispered Eeyore.

"Not yet. It isn't ripe.We need to wait until September." - said Tana.

Eeyore jumped from the apple tree and landed on the roof of the Wendy House and very cheekily he called to Tana.

"Uuuuh. Can you see me?" - shouted Eeyore.

"Yes I can. Can you come down please?" - said Tana firmly.

"Ummm. I'd like to but I can't. " - mumbled  Eeyore.

"Oh Eeyore. Jump on my shoulder and I will help you." - laughed Tana,

"You have been wonderful Eeyore!" - Tana said proudly and she gave him an extra special cuddle.

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