Las adventuras de mis juguetes
Adventures of My Toys

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ruebo the Monkey and Ringa the Dog go to the Swimming Pool

 It was a very, very,  VERY hot day. Tana and Leria were going to the swimming pool on their bikes. 

“Come with us.” – they said to Ruebo and Ringa , “It is lovely to play with water in the swimming pool. The pool is like a big box full of water and there is room for everybody. ” – Tana explained.   

Ruebo had  never been to the pool before and at first he was a bit unsure.  “OK then. Let’s go! I want to see it.” – Ruebo decided.

“Heeei. This a good ride. I’m  enjoying it.  But Tana stop now. We have lost Ruebo and Leria. “ – said Ringa.

“ Leriiiiiiaaaa. Ruuuueboooo. “ – they shouted.

      “I’m peddling as fast as I can. Wait for us!”  


It didn’t take long before they arrived at the swimming pool.  

 Tana, Leria, Ruebo and Ringa gave their tickets to the lady who happily greeted them; “Buenas tardes. Hace mucho calor!” 

 “ Good afternoon. It is very hot to day today. And that is why we all are here”, they all said in a choir.
Tana and Leria helped Ruebo and Ringa to sit in the sun chair.  
 “I have never seen anything like this in Monkeyland! ” – said Ruebo  his eyes wide open. 

“In Dog Country we do not have swimming pools either.” – said Ringa.  

 It took exactly 5 seconds for Tana and Leria to take off their clothes and put their swimming costumes on.  Ruebo and Ringa heard  big splash and felt  cool water spraying on their faces when Tana and Leria  jumped into the pool.
Ruebo hadn’t told anybody that he was actually a bit afraid of water. When it was time for them to get into the pool,  Ruebo ran away and climbed  the tree. Ringa huffed and puffed and after a lot of trouble managed to climb  the tree as well. 

“Come on my friend. Remember what Tana told us; the pool is nothing else than a big box full of water and there is room for everybody. Playing in the pool is good fun. “ – he said.


When Ruebo and Ringa went to the side of the pool  slashes and sprinkles of  water made Rueboo a bit nervous again. 

“Look Ruebo. This ring is called a life ring. It floats. If we are in  trouble Tana or Leria will throw it to us and help us out from the water. But I bet you; when you are in the water you will not want to come out.” – explained Ringa to his friend.

“It looks very nice there in the water.” – said Ruebo to Ringa when they were sitting on the pool ladders.

Ready – Steady – Go! And with a BIG SPLASH: Ruebo and Ringa jumped into the water. 

You can not believe how much they loved it.  Ruebo was very happy that he had listened to his friend and  had come into the water. 

Look at their happy faces. Do you think they like to swim as much as you do?

Ringa and Ruebo were in the water  for so long that despite the burning sun they felt really cold. 

Very reluctantly they left the pool, jumped on the sun chair and wrapped themselves tightly in a towel.

 They  lay on their tummies and let the sun dry their fur.


“Thank you Tana and Leria for lending your hats to us! We really need them.”
It didn’t take long before  Ruebo and Ringa started to feel a bit thirsty. “I know what to do. Come with me to choose your drink.”- said Ringa.
“You are a very kind friend Ringa. This drink is wonderful. Do you think Tana and Leria would like to have one as well?” – said Ruebo.
When Tana and Leria came out of the pool they had a nice surprise.

 Ruebo and Ringa had bought lots of drinks and different ice cream for everybody;  Ruebo had red juice and a chocolate lolly, Ringa had an apple cider and a  Smarties ice cream, Tana and Leria had  orange drinks and Cola Jet  lollies. 

They all enjoyed being at the pool and having their treats.

Rueboo and Ringa decided to come to the swimming pool everyday. 

When they left the pool they heard everybody to shout to them “ Hasta luego guapas!”  

“Good bye beauties!”

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